Raspberry Pi Header Tap

Raspberry Pi Header Tap

Here is a tap I created for the Raspberry Pi to allow access to the header pins even though it may be blocked by a “Pi Plate” / Shield that is using the header without pass-through pinheaders.

The Pi side of the PCB uses a trick from SparkFun for creating better contact with pins: spacing opposing pins 5 mil in opposite directions to allow the PCB to hold the header tightly.

These were created in the gEDA Suite’s PCB program. Each .zip file contains the .pcb file, a photo mode export of the board (.png) and a zip file of gerbers, suitable for upload to OSHPark, Seeed Studio, ITead, etc.

These files are released under the CC BY-SA 2.5 Canada license.

I2C Tap can be ordered from OSH Park directly by clicking here, and the Full Tap by clicking here.

Please note these designs are as yet untested. Use at your own risk.

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