QuahogCon 2010 Humans vs. Zombies Game

QuahogCon 2010 Humans vs. Zombies Game

For those who are curious about some of the particulars of the game, here is what I gleaned from the goings-on at the 'con (And from a lot of borrowing Jimmie's badge, and soliciting button-presses from random 'con attendees).

Spoiler Warning: If you want to try to disassemble, packet-sniff, or otherwise decode the Humans vs Zombies game completely on your own, don't read on.

Sparkfun.com Stuff: Arduino Shield, Breadboarding Supplies, etc

Sparkfun.com Stuff: Arduino Shield, Breadboarding Supplies, etc

My latest Sparkfun.com order.

For PIC programming:
BOB-00193 (1): Adapter board for Microchip ICD and ICD2

For (hopefully) adding some IR functionality to my QuahogCon badge:
COM-09349 (4): Infrared LED - 950nm

For parts:
DEV-00348 (2): Olimex Carrier Board for OKI ML67Q5003

QuahogCon Badge Details Released

In the fine tradition of hacker con badges, QuahogCon presents its inaugural badge, based on the Freescale MC13224v.

"Radio Monitoring: The How-To Guide" (re-)Released Under CC Licence

"Radio Monitoring: The How-To Guide" (re-)Released Under CC Licence

After two editions and thousands of copies, "Radio Monitoring: The How-To Guide" has been published online under a CC license. Big thanks to T.J. "Skip" Arey, N2EI.

FT4232H-Based Eee 701 Internals Controller

This controller will be designed for installation into an Eee 700-series netbook to serve the following purposes:

  1. Provide a communications interface to I2C, SPI and UART devices over USB
  2. Control power switching to various internally-mounted low-current (~0-25mA) and high-current (~25-125mA) devices.
  3. Provide non-USB-Host 5V power to the high-current USB devices through high-current SPST switches so as not to overload the USB Bus (Update: This will be done by off-board MOSFETs. There just wasn't enough room on the board to allow it to still fit in the space allocated for the MDC1.5.

What I would buy/bought with $100 at SparkFun Electronics

Since SparkFun Electronics announced Free Day on January 7, 2010, I figured I'd start looking at what exactly I could get for $100. (I'll only link the big items for risk of being called Spam by Googlebot.) This list is a work in progress, I'll add more as I search.

Kubuntu Quick Tip: Foreign Characters

Here's a quick tip if you find yourself typing a lot of accented letters, etc. We're going to assign our keyboard a Compose key.

In Kubuntu, do the following:

EVEm V1.1 Carputer

I scored a mega-deal on eBay a while back for this EVEm mini-ITX computer with an EVEm DC/DC power supply, in a generic mini-ITX case.

The EVEm has a VIA C3 Samuel2 600MHz "1GigaPro" CPU and a VIA VT133 Chipset.

I added the specified maximum of 256MB of 133Mhz SDRAM, and am currently using a 3.5" 6.4Gb hard drive.

Seiko/Epson RG9013F-NZ LCD Screen

I got this LCD screen free with one of my computer-related eBay purchases.

The label on the bubblewrap says:

2homeinfo dot com SPLOGs

2homeinfo dot com, the 'ringleader' of this SPLOG-ring

2homeinfo dot com is a (quite pretty) fascia for a giant splog ring.  Its posts, however pretty, link off to other sites, such as modularhomeweb dot com, (surprise surprise, it's the same site, just copied over...), except this site has stories whose "original posts" are all on usedmobilehomes dot wordpress dot com.

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