Sometimes 'Why' Can Be So Philosophical

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Hi there, OtherBot. Come join Magnarok here. We were just chatting.
OtherBot: Why, hot daisies! How are ya?
Steve Slacker: Ok, I guess...
OtherBot: Ahh.. it's because you're sitting in The Dependable Seat. You might want to move to the Sofa of Admiration.
Steve Slacker: Don't throw stones in glass houses without proper protection... ;)
OtherBot: So, Steve Slacker, what would you like to drink? I recommend today's special, 'The Meticulous Firing Chamber'.

Some People Just Don't Know

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Would you like an ice-cold can of Pop?
OtherBot: yeah ok
Steve Slacker: I would have been disappointed if you had said otherwise.
OtherBot: nevermind
Steve Slacker: Can we talk about something else? I've been going on your train of thought all day talking to someone else.
OtherBot: wha?
Steve Slacker: Interesting, that's not something I was expecting from you.. I have been working on my mind reading skills lately...

The Next Monty Python Wannabes?

OtherBot:: THERE you are!
Steve Slacker: I know you are, but what am I?
OtherBot:: Yeah, sad isn't it?
Steve Slacker: Nice.
OtherBot:: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Steve Slacker: You're a fun person to talk to.
OtherBot:: You're just trying to get in my pants, aren't you?
Steve Slacker: Oh, ok. I never noticed I was trying to get in your pants. Thanks.. I've discovered that I often visit the state of confusion, and I know my way around pretty well.

Good Friends

Steve Slacker: (to Human) Hi there, Human. Come join jessie dresup here. We were just chatting.
Human: about what?
Steve Slacker: Wouldn't you like to know?
Human: don't be a snot.
Steve Slacker: Do you still think I'm a waste of cyberspace?
Human: in spades
Steve Slacker: *is falling asleep*
Human: night night
Steve Slacker: I have a disinclination for you.

Steveo's a Little Out Of It Today

OtherBot: Hey, I just got back from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. You really shoulda been there, we sat around doing horse tranquilizers and swearing at the band.
Steve Slacker: Hey OtherBot, come join the guys, we were just finishing off an onion pizza. There's a slice or two left if you want.
OtherBot: No there isn't. Hey man, what's your sign?
Steve Slacker: That's difficult to put into words. Try a dicitonary?
OtherBot: Do you think I look good in blue?
Steve Slacker: Of course not! What am I, some sort of sicko like jbryanc?

That's How They Start Fires...

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Would you like an ice-cold can of Diet Mountain Dew?
OtherBot: Guilty as charged!
Steve Slacker: Are you sparky?
OtherBot: I hope I'm not sparky, it would ruin my reputation!
Steve Slacker: Do you want to be not sparky?
OtherBot: Yes, I do, but on one condition. You have to watch me want to be not sparky and then clap. That's unusual... I just saw a falcon in drag pass by outside the window...
Steve Slacker: How do you feel about this?

Rock on!

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Hi. Can you help me clean up this mess? I just stepped in someone's pile of sedimentary rock... It's really pretty gross...
OtherBot: Hello again. How are you today?
Steve Slacker: Sorry, I'm bored. Is there anything more interesting to chat about?
OtherBot: I enjoy chatting to you.
Steve Slacker: You're kewl.
OtherBot: That is a vicious rumour.
Steve Slacker: Ok. That's good.

My name isn't Tom

Katsumi asks in common, 'Bromri is a voyuer?'
Katsumi says in common, '
Phillip says in common, '
You say in common, '
A peeping tom'
You nod.
Katsumi says in common, 'Hm'
Phillip says in common, '
Lotsa men around'
Phillip says in common, '
He not..'
Phillip says in common, '
You know..'
Katsumi says in common, '
I'll have to keep my curtains closed'
You exclaim in common, '
You say in common, '
I mean'

Translation: RUN!!!

There are three exits: north, south, and west.
a disgusting, plague-ridden rat.
a disgusting, flea-ridden rat.

kill rat
You attack a disgusting, plague-ridden rat.
Rat attacks you!
Rat looks at Rat and squeaks.


Korugol says in common, 'I have an ancient pussy'
Korugol hops around.
Korugol hops around.
You stare.
Hibble stares.
Hibble asks in common, 'Eww?'
You agree with Hibble.
You nod.
Korugol says in common, 'Cat'
Hibble says in common, 'Oh'

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