Dumb Dog

Isolde asks in common, 'You're so dumb, aren't you dumb, who's the dumbest dog in the world? You are!!!'
Isolde pats Annchen on the head.
Annchen wags her tail.
You cackle.
Switch laughs hard.
You say in common, 'Bye, dumb dog'
You wave at Annchen.
Annchen wags her tail.

Yoru-bee Doo!

A figure cowled in a black silk cowl pretends to ambush You startling severely!


You say in common, 'Yoru, your spelling sucks.'
Yoru says, 'Stupid objective pronoun.'
Yoru says, 'I would've had you too, if it weren't for your meddling grammar.'

Violent Creators!

You shout in common, 'Any non-violent creator-types about?'

[Dragon suddenly exists, no warning]

Dragon turns and glares at you.

[thinks: Oh... sh*t.]

Desla begins to incant a spell.
Desla charred Dragon's body to a crisp with his octarine fire bolt!
Dragon's body is destroyed!
Dragon died!
Desla says, 'Sorry, no non-violent creator types available'
Desla waves.

Dumb Luck

Tried to grab something from an unconscious Katsumi, not realizing that pets see a grab as an aggressive move

Fenix attacks you!
You begin to cast the spell.
Syryn attacks you!
Your concentration is disrupted and the spell is lost.
You begin to cast the spell.
Your concentration is disrupted and the spell is lost.
You ponder the situation.

Your hooded robe is destroyed.
Syryn hit your head with destructive force with her horseshoe!
Your head has been disabled.


Urthan says in common, 'Danor be careful'
You peer at Urthan quizzically.
Urthan says in common, 'There old time mage around with huge gfb'
You gasp.
You ask in magic, 'Daring?'
You listen to Urthan.
Urthan shakes his head.
You gasp.
Urthan says in common, 'Kythalus'
You ask in magic, 'Who?'
You peer at Urthan quizzically.
You ponder the situation.
Urthan says in common, 'Bishop's old master'

Daisy, Daisy

Talmund asks in common, 'Want to help me?'
Talmund asks in common, 'Please?'
Talmund thinks.
You listen to Talmund.
Talmund asks in common, 'Will you ro me so i can get a bunch of ore from the bins on my balcony?'
Talmund says in common, 'I'm too much of a pansy to lift many'
You think.
You nod.
Talmund thanks you.
You say in common, 'Pansy.'

Pets listen too well...

You say in common, 'Bacardi (enter hatch)'
You grin.
Katsumi gasps.
Bacardi dooks happily.
Bacardi opens a hidden hatch in the floor and crawls in!
Dakani pokes you in the ribs.
You blink.
You blink.
Katsumi screams.
You hear a muffled scream from somewhere far below.
You say in common, 'Omfg'

Katsumi screams.
Soft grins.
Katsumi slaps you!
Gie cackles.
Katsumi exclaims in common, 'Get her out!'
Gie cackles.
Gie cackles.
Gie says in common, 'Just get a mark and go down there'

Good thing...

Boriat says in common, 'As far as I know, no one actually follows my current branch'
Jask puts a small metal vial with some pink draaf in it on a rosewood table.
You nod to Boriat.
Jask sighs in relief.


Alhia asks in common, 'What are you guys talking about?'
Sicarius looks for something to steal.
Alhia asks in common, 'Are you in the mg now, Bor?'
You say (OOC), 'Boriat says in common, 'As far as I know, no one actually follows my current branch''

Monkey business

You are in the woods. There is a towering cliff to the southwest. Well-worn paths cut through the trees here. It is bright here.
a monkey.

You stare at Monkey.
You say in common, 'Aw, heck'
You spank Monkey.

That's quite the meat you have there...

Sammy scurries toward you from the west.
Sammy curtseys.
You grunt.
Sammy grins.

show steaks to sammy
You show 100 rhinoceros meat steaks to Sammy.
Hum de dum de dum!
Sammy says in common, 'That's quite the load of meat'
You shake your head.

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