Ogre Logic

Quick backgrounder:
Amalendu suggested Danor reinc into an ogre.
Danor asked, "Why?"

Amalendu says in magic, 'You grunt like an ogre'
You say, 'but i also dook like a ferret.'
Amalendu says in magic, '...in heat'
Urthan imagines Blossom on a hot day.


You say, 'and hell if I want to be as dumb as raziel'
You say, 'but then again, i'm already the guild crafting bitch'

Scary thing is, Half of the world is below average

Boriat asks in magic, 'How well do you speak common, Pilo?'
Pilo says in common, 'Me average is'
Boriat says in magic, 'You don't sound that way'
Pilo asks in common, 'Why askes?'
Pilo says in common, 'Me know how talk some just me no so smart'
You say in common, 'You remind me of a guy by the name of Raziel'
Pilo says in common, 'Me met him'
Boriat says in magic, 'Apparently, since you sound as smart as a stupid ogre'


Ogma shows an ingot of watered steel to you.
A bar of high carbon steel with a pattern of fine, wavy lines on the surface producing an appearance similar to watered silk.
Ogma shows an ingot of watered steel to Jask.
Jask says in common, 'Pretty'
Ogma says, 'It's wootz.'

You ask in common, 'Woot?'
Jask says in common, 'Wootz'
Jask giggles.
You dance woot.
Jask exclaims in common, 'Whoop!'
Jask pushes you. Whoof!
You exclaim in common, 'Whoof!'

Wonky Tonk

[announcement] Desla : monthly reboot, before things get wonky. Back up immediately afterwards
Maus stops guarding Buju.
Buju bats idly at his tail.
Silkenlor says in common, 'Wonky'
Silkenlor shouts in common, 'Wonky!'
Maus says in common, '"wonky". That's cute.'
Euros asks in common, 'Who says that these days?'
Osolo shouts in common, 'Tonky'
!Game driver shouts: Game is shutting down in 10 minutes.


Crystal Tower
This is the most incredible piece of architecture you have ever seen. The entire tower is composed of some sort of clear crystal that reflects both light and images strangely. The tower is empty with the exception of a large crystal ball, which rests upon four golden spires. There is a feeling of power radiating from the sphere. It is blindingly bright here.
There is one obvious exit: northwest.
Katsumi the catfolk.

scry ogma
You fail.
You're too dazed and confused to stay upright!
You fall unconscious!

NVidia doesn't like being installed manually-like

argpirate: well im going to go try to install nvidia manually like...
*** argpirate has signed off IRC (Remote closed the connection).
Shadyman: I guess nvidia didn't want to do that.

The Daddy of Invention

Quote: uhm...Bob on 05/25/06 11:27 AM at http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/laptops/smackbook-pro-176255.php

While necessity may be the mother of invention, spare time is definitely its daddy.

Go B0x0rs!

Private Sub Shadyman(More Cowbell): Damn! That Pioneer system r0x0rs my b0x0rs.
Chevy Booster: I don't wanna know what happens to your 'b0x0rs' at any given moment

Big Shoes

[11:14:20 PM] tigersguy58: you're f*cking idiot!
[11:14:20 PM] steveslackr: Don't call me an idiot!
[11:14:30 PM] tigersguy58: if the shoe fits wear it
[11:14:32 PM] steveslackr: I think that you fill a big pair of shoes.

Too much emoting is a bad thing.

[chat] Shadyman complains about not having a personalized emote, just like Tarabas.
[chat] Benedict : the next person to emote on this channel is going to be dested
[chat] Shadyman : heh.
[chat] Shadyman : not me.
[chat] Olp laughs.
[chat] Olp cries.

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