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Subject: Fuego!
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67 [Ylw 13, 1514] Fuego!

You nod.
Alekhine reads a note titled 'Fuego!'.
Danor waits for Rhylla to come read.
Alekhine begins to incant a spell.
Alekhine's bag begins to glow very brightly.

Meat Shields aren't too bright.

Switch says in common, 'Quick, Danor, be my meat shield.'
You say in common, 'Uhh'
Switch nods.
Switch nods.
You ask in common, 'Meat?'
Mormel says in common, 'She may be borderline retarded, but she makes good crossbows.'
You nibble Mormel's ear.
You point.
You say in common, 'Meat.'
You nod.
You ask in common, 'Uh?'
You shrug.
You snuggle Mormel.
Mormel punches you with the back of his bow. Crack!

You just can't teach an old kitty new tricks.

Bishop says in common, 'Vharl (set aim to head)'
Vharl twitches her tail in confusion.
Chakie lumbers out, stalking toward the east.
Bishop says in common, 'Vharl (set aim to groin)'
Vharl purrs.
You cackle.
Bishop claps.
Ostara laughs.
Elyth cackles.
Elyth says in common, 'My kinda kitty'
Elyth grins.

Problem Solved

Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'urnusk is being an ass.. kicks everyone in town''
Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'methinks he might be classifiable as a griefer''
Desla tells you: '[DEATH] Urnusk at Sun Jan 02 15:32:55 2005 by a pine quarrel shot by Mormel the catfolk'
Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'nevermind, problem solved.''
Desla tells you: 'That's funny'

Ah, Nuts

You take 3 lantern nuts from the ground.
cast lirrin's_torch @200 nuts
You begin to cast the spell.
You continue casting.
You continue casting.
Your nuts begins to glow brightly.

You shout in common, 'Hahahaha my nuts are glowing!!!'
Elle shouts in common, 'Ewww!'
Vakuta shouts in common, 'How can they be glowing? You have none!'
You shout in common, 'They're right here, i can show you!'
Ogma steps out of a shadow.
Wrenk pokes you in the ribs.

Secondary Education

Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Daring frowns.
Daring curses.

Daring says in common, 'Don't think of it as bolting.'
Amulet (on Donovan) cheers.
Daring says in common, 'Think of it as "secondary education"'

No Pouting

Quadlyn exclaims in common, 'I want a cookie!'
Quadlyn pouts.
Ogma pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogma whacks Quadlyn upside the head with a clue-by-four!
Ogma returns his clue-by-four to its place.
You laugh.
Ogma says, 'No pouting'
Quadlyn asks in common, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?'
Ogma pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogma whacks Quadlyn upside the head with a clue-by-four!
Quadlyn falls over in a faint.


I was throwing my pet ferret at a golem in the gym for fun, and for once, actually hit something.

You throw your Scooter at Golem!
You hit Golem's head with destructive force with your Scooter.
Golem's head is destroyed!
Golem died!
The golem shimmers and vanishes.
Inka laughs.
Serothenth grins.
You blink.
You say in common, 'The hell?'
Inka laughs.
Inka laughs.
Inka laughs.
You ask in common, 'I guess he's a Scooter-iken?'
You stare at Scooter.
Inka grins.
Inka nods.

'I See Dead People'

This is a small room where the Healers can examine and tend to their patients. The walls are gleaming white and the travertine floor is covered by a thick, soft rug. Against one wall is a simple bed and a rosewood cupboard. On the south wall is a portrait framed in a simple rosewood frame. The purple light of sunset streams in through a window on the east wall. It is blindingly bright here.
There is one obvious exit: an open rosewood door leading north.
an open leather pouch, a burlap gunnysack, a cotton veil, a rosewood trash barrel, and an open rosewood cask of water.

Hunting for Sidhe

You say in common, 'I was hunting for a sidhe'
You cackle.
You say in common, 'Got 2 imps, but found a wyvern instead!'
Danor boggles.
You say in common, 'Imagine that'
You roll your eyes.
Arizel says in common, 'Wow, they must look similar'
Arizel snickers.
Arizel ducks.

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