Funny Stuff

...because Seven Eight Nine!

Eight scuttles toward you from the west.
Boriat says (OOC),'what kind of crappy name is Eight?'
Eight drops a pamphlet.
Boriat says in common, 'Nice to meet you, ... Eight'
(OOC) Norad shrugs
You snicker.
You ruffle Eight's hair playfully.
Eight says in common, 'Hi....'
Boriat thinks.
Ootay asks in magic, 'Eight is a leg count?'
Boriat feels around for his mood.
Noxa wanders around the room.
You sniff Eight. He smells like a spyder.

10 points for the dive, 3 for the landing

Ogma the sidhe falls from above!
The ground hit Ogma's body glancingly!
The ground hit Ogma's left leg glancingly!
The ground hit Ogma's left leg barely!
Serothenth blinks.
Eluwyn says in common, 'What the hell'
Ogma gets up from the ground.
Ogma vanishes in an implosion of sparkling dust.

... A few days later ...

The Souk
This is an open area in the center of the Souk. The chaos of the bazaar is somewhat subdued here, the calm eye at the center of the storm. In the center of the area is a stone fountain. Brightly colored tiles are inlaid in the ground just in front of the fountain to form some sort of map. The booths and tents from which vendors sell their wares have been closed down for the evening. The Souk is all but deserted save for a few people going about secret business in the dark of the night. It is shadowy here.

Fatass Fuzz

You say in common, 'Fuzz (eat watermelon)'
Fuzz eats a watermelon.
Rohesia laughs.
You laugh.
You laugh.
You laugh.
You laugh.
You laugh.
You ask in common, 'Not hungry, eh fuzz?'
You poke Fuzz in the ribs.
Rohesia says in common, 'Holy shit that Fuzz is going to be a fat ass'
Rohesia takes fuzz the ferret from the rug.

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