MSNTV2 Close-up

MSNTV2 Close-up

Here's a better shot of the MSNTV2.

Note: I added an old heatsink  to the Northbridge, as it tends to run warm. 


MSNTV2 Hardware & Architecture

Here's what phpSysInfo has to say:

[Sticky] Resources for MSNTV2 hacking

Anything you ever needed to know about hacking the MSNTV2 can be found at

MSNTV2 Boot Tutorial

MSNTV2 Boot Tutorial

Well, it's 3AM, but I got my first MSNTV2 server running using linux kernel, so here's a writeup on how it's done.

This is provided with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness

This tutorial assumes the following:

LVTTL (0/3.3v) to RS-232 (+/-12v) Adapter

LVTTL (0/3.3v) to RS-232 (+/-12v) Adapter

Here's the quickest hack in the history of MSNTV2 hacking.

1x Spark Fun Electronics "Shifter"
1x Floppy Drive Power Cable (from an old power supply)

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