Curtsey or bow? Both.

Tumi debates on curtsey or bow.
Rith grins.
Rith asks in common, 'Both?'
Tumi sprawls out lazily.
Caitrin giggles softly.
Tumi says in common, 'That's what happens'
Rith agrees.
Feybol says in common, 'Yeah do both at same time tumi not
do debate'
Rith bowtsies.
Tumi curtows.
Tumi laughs.
Rith grins.
Skyla grins.
Feybol cackles.
Feybol high-fives Tumi.
Skyla exclaims in magic, 'Curtsey bow!'
Feybol gives you a high-five.
Rith says in common, 'Good timing'

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