Bin Whoring

Room Eight
This is a simple, yet comfortable room. The room is furnished with a large, cushy bed. A window admits fresh air and light. It is shadowy here.
There is one obvious exit: an open door leading west.
a storage bin, a cedar cupboard, and a cedar armoire.
Chino the porter.
a warrior shrouded in a bobcat fur hooded cloak.

You say in common, 'Stupid braman'
Moses scratches his head in thought.
You say in common, 'Take it'
You say in common, 'Take bin'
You say in common, 'Chino, take bin'
Moses says in common, 'Get bin you whore'
Chino takes a storage bin from the floor.
Chino grins widely.
You cackle.
Moses smirks.

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