Secondary Education

Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Hathies says (OOC),'spell casting +'
Hathies says (OOC),'channelling +'
Daring frowns.
Daring curses.

Daring says in common, 'Don't think of it as bolting.'
Amulet (on Donovan) cheers.
Daring says in common, 'Think of it as "secondary education"'
You cackle.
Amulet (on Donovan) says, 'hehe'
Amulet (on Donovan) says, 'I think I rather like daring'
Amulet (on Donovan) says, 'hes amusing'
Daring raises his right hand, which glows green dimly.
Danor dives into a pile of pillows and disappears!
You ask in common, 'Oh, hathies?'
You say in common, 'One suggestion.'
Hathies asks in common, 'Yes?'
You say in common, 'Duck.'

cast bor's_doom @200 hathies,kiss rajah
You begin to silently cast the spell.
You continue casting.
You cast the spell.

Hathies kisses Rajah.
Rajah exclaims in magic, 'Blech!'
Rajah exclaims in magic, 'Germs!'
Amulet (on Donovan) says, 'coulda been worrs'
Amulet (on Donovan) says, 'coulda been danor kissing daring... wonder how long he would survive'
Daring laughs.
You grin.
You say in common, 'About 3 seconds.'
Rajah shouts in magic, 'Danor and daring sitting in a tree....'
Daring frowns.
You frown.
Daring says in common, 'Bad idea.'
You agree.

You ask in common, 'Oh, Rajah?'
Rajah asks in magic, 'Yes?'
You say in common, 'One suggestion. I'll give you a hint, it's the same one I gave the other guy.'
You say in common, 'Duck.'

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