I guess that means i'm saying goodbye?

Well, this was funny for me solely because my laptop's battery lasts less than 60 minutes. So, 60 minutes / 100% = 0.6 minutes (or 36 seconds) for 1%. At 0%, I really don't know how much time is left. Yet I was able to take the pic, and save it in paint before the laptop died.

Funny how those things go.

I guess that means i'm saying goodbye?

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...Not really a

...Not really a fantastic feat.  I'm looking at 0% right now, but I use a Mac, which is why I don't have retarded-computer screenshots to put up.

Its kinda like driving to my

Its kinda like driving to my mom's (who lives in the country about 20 miles from where I reside) and back on no gas.........

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