[Sticky] One-Liners

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Amalendu says in magic, 'People don't need to bush you Danor. If they want you dead, they just wait a week'

Katsumi says in common, 'No killing of folk cause your inn rent ran up'

Switch says in common, 'Don't kill my human, it's the only one i've got.'

Silkenlor says in common, 'You farted me!'

Phillip says in common, 'We need more Ogma..'

Hibble says in common, 'Sorry, didn't realize it was my turn there while I was flapping my gums'

Danor says, [orcish] 'bok bah friggin nisochi'

Desla tells you: 'And I'm NOT a teletubby'

Bromri says in common, 'Don't fart my students'

Hibble exclaims in common, 'I was talking to you, Danor!'

Bromri says in magic, 'If you think I'm permanent, then you are like the ant who thinks braman are infinitely large'

Danor shouts in common, 'The beergoggles! They do nothing!!'

Danor shouts in common, 'I think I'm overdrawn on my limb checking account.'

Katsumi says in common, 'Yer gonna get me in trouble'

Desla says, 'Never before, in all my years of being a creator, have I ever seen "by a beehive" in a death log.'

Danor says in common, 'Doubtfuk'

Jask says in common, 'I didn't mean to open a freakin' can of nerds'

Jask says (OOC),'cans, nerds, close. hush it.'

Danor shouts in common, 'I think Game Driver is cheating.'

Cluish the goblin thrall.

Autosaving character...You are hungry.

Kalten exclaims in common, 'All your base are belong to us!'

Magik says in common, 'Iemz just being a dipshit'

Bheema says in common, 'I'm a merchant, nothing is free'

Aorrei says in common, 'Everybody's all talk, but I still don't see any pies.'


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Body Choosing

Jalil lets off a real rip-roarer.
Jalil grins widely.
Donovan says in common, 'Pale blue eyes, wavy white hair, ivory skin and a gasbag.'
Jalil picks his nose.
Donovan says in common, 'And a booger on his finger.'
You say, 'I choose him.'

Lions and Tigers and...Magic

Lions and Tigers and...Magic Paper? WTF???

Aelvar asks in common, 'I was wondering if you could teach me the magic paper writing after I finish channelling?'

Ass rockets in flight!

A firework shoots out of Kobu's butt and rockets towards the ceiling.


Montrose says in common, 'I didn't realize real casting mark could destroy amulets'

Show me how to do that voodoo that you do...

Joel says in common, 'So can you twach me some'
Joel says in common, ' how do rhat msytic phrase'


Niva says in southern, 'I may be dumb, but I'm not tirbokous.'

Fat Hamsters

You see hamster tracks on the grass.


Desla asks, 'What do you expect from a guy who uses octarine firebolts on small furry defenseless rodents?'


Silkenlor says in common,'Hear that Hassan? Yer a Pussy!'