[Sticky] Time for a Quickie

I mean, quotes that aren't long enough to merit their own posting. Add your own in the comments!

Jasi asks in common, 'What do camels eat?'
Lorne says in common, 'Danors'
Cutie spits.

Lumpy eyes Dummy as if calculating a trajectory.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, I resent that!'

Xikt says in common, 'I learned something, the other day, while someone was practicing thrown on me.'
Xikt says in common, 'Incoming fire has the right of way.'
Xikt stretches his mandibles in a weird grin.

You ask in common, 'When do we leave, slacker?'
Madrig says in common, 'We weigh anchor for Westmore in three-quarters of an hour.'

Perrin says in common, 'What with [all the] beat up rowans?'
Duros says in common, 'Ehh, toad pile'

Silkenlor says in common, 'Go boil yer balls nazir'
Nazir slouches lazily against the wall.

Jargon says in common, 'Zykier (speak)'
Zykier leaves south.

You say in common, 'If you werent a mindless ogre, i'd bolt you, you know.'
You poke Matra in the ribs.
Matra says, 'Yep.'
You nod.

Nika asks in magic, 'How come your holdin a lit candle?'
You think.
You scream.
You exclaim in magic, 'It burnsssssss!!!'
You drop a tallow pillar candle (lit).

You try to herd a cow but it wanders off.
Cow bonks its nose on the east door.

Amalendu strides in from the southwest.
Amalendu falls over in a faint.
Amalendu collapses!

You take a leaf of kevala from an open oak cupboard.
You put a leaf of kevala in an open storage bin.
Whoa, you're getting dizzy. You'd better slow down.

Durin pounds on a goblin war drum in a halting rhythm.
Asterion rubs his temples as if in pain.

Dyvan shouts in common, 'How do i tell if im about to die?'
Lanthus shouts in common, 'You wait a minute and see if you die'

Rhylla says in common, 'Ok that was cute'
Rhylla licks you.
Danor dooks happily.

Amulet (on Kilin) says, 'Ooo Bromri is here?'
Bromri says in common, 'Not at all'

Jask says in common, 'Boriat, defend my honor'
Jask says in common, 'Or something'
Boriat asks in common, 'You have honor?'

Argus glares and advances on Amulet's shadow
Hassan asks in southern, 'Do you really think you can take me, Amulet's shadow?'

You say in common, 'Hungry kitty'
Tiny exclaims in common, 'Make shawls then eat!'
You pout.
Tiny removes a large black wyvern leather drovers whip.
Katsumi squeals.

Silkenlor shouts in common, 'Anyone know where the fountain is?'
You shout in common, 'Center souk, smartass'
You roll your eyes.
Aerith laughs.
Slayla laughs.

Phillip dances like no one's watching.
Luthien nods.
Luthien says, 'Keep your feet shoulder width apart.'

[announcement] Desla : If you have a missing pet, tell me now.
[announcement] Desla : Anyone else have a pet and smart enough to tell me the pet's name?

Bromri says in common, 'I'm finally beginning to understand spell casting'
Bromri taps his carapace thoughtfully
Bromri says in common, 'Unfortunately, you won't understand what I just understood until you understand a lot more than you currently understand'

Urthan asks for an appraisal of you (worn).
Kalil says in common, 'Hmm, that's probably worth about 1 dinar, and 3 fulus to most folks.'

Snuffy says in common, 'You aren't invited to our parties rai'
Snuffy grins.
Rai says in common, 'Circle jerks aren't my thing'
Rai shrugs.

You put 32 clay balls in a wooden wagon (hitched).
You say in common, 'That wagon has balls'
Boriat pokes you in the ribs.

Prometheus asks in common, 'What happen?'
You exclaim in common, 'Somebody set up us the bomb!'
Silkenlor snickers.

Some quotes salvaged from the old DartMUD Wiki:

You are in a dry desert. This part of the desert appears essentially untravelled.
You begin looking for sand.
You found no sand.

You draw a steel katana.
Rat glares at you.

(OOC) Aidan gives Thalinder a UN Weapons Inspector badge.
You say (OOC), 'he still wont find anything with that badge, and you know it!'

Lumpy spits.
Charlotte wipes the counter with a rag.
Charlotte stares out the door.
Lumpy spits.
Charlotte sighs.

Devil lets off a real rip-roarer.
Nyerte appears dazed.

look in (held) pack
A well-made ratman leather satchel, with a closable flap and a strap for wear
over the shoulder.
It contains:
Trampin asks in common, '
A lixen satchel?'
You nod.
Trampin grins.

Donovan exclaims in common, 'Danor, quit pestering me!'
Donovan mutters something unintelligible under his breath.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, it's my job!'
You show a midnight blue samite armband with the letters 'VI' stitched on it (worn) to Donovan.


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The Wild Ass

Jasi rides in on Zebra from the north.

You are on the side of a rocky mountain.  These mountains are completely wild.  It is extremely light here.

a zebra (ridden by Jasi).

Jasi the catfolk (riding Zebra).

a zebra (ridden by you).

a wild ass.

You exclaim in magic, 'A donkey!'

Jasi exclaims in common, 'A theo!'

You say in magic, 'Oooo'

You say in magic, 'That's cold'

Clue Senses!

You say (OOC), 'clue senses tingling!'

Ogma pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogma whacks you upside the head with a clue-by-four!
* You think your enlightenment skill has improved. *
Ogma returns his clue-by-four to its place.

Hold a Sex

Jasi pads in from the north.
Jasi says (OOC),'hold a sex afk'


Jaraim says (OOC),'since botting itself is an ooc crime, then you shouldn't care if he comes back with the same name. especially since his char was so young'
Alzidrayn says (OOC),'because I was still relieving myself. If you would like details of my bowle movements, you're welcome to them.'
(OOC) Norad cackles


Jaraim says (OOC),'omg, "Hnnghhh the troll"'
You say (OOC), 'hahaha'
Jaraim says (OOC),'I'm not going to help anyone whose name is pronounced like a constipated man's, um "efforts"'

I never bitched that!

Elyth says (OOC),'you keep bitching about how your friends always find out who each other are and then you go and TELL us. lol'
Nox says (OOC),'i never bitched that'
Nox says (OOC),'who are you!'

Exploding Dongs

You say in common, 'Exploding dongs'
Fizban says in common, 'That would be cool'
Danor stares.


You shout in common, 'Ogma's inhibiting our RP!'
You are suddenly struck by lightning!
Uh-oh, it's nappy time.
You're too dazed and confused to stay upright!
You fall unconscious!

Use your head

You lie down on a cushion.
You groan.
You say in common, 'Work is the devil.'
You snuggle Donovan.
Donovan begins to incant a spell.
Donovan lays his hands on you, and you feel refreshed.
You say in common, 'Is my head that needs rest I think'
You say in common, 'But thanks'
Donovan asks in common, 'Your head? Why? Did you finally use it?'
Donovan grins.
Donovan begins to incant a spell.
Katsumi sinks her teeth into Donovan's arm!
Donovan exclaims in common, 'Owie!!!'

Mistaken Identity

Rith says in common, 'Danor my pcasting is messed up'
Rith sighs.
Rith says in common, 'God'
Montrose asks in common, 'Yes?'
You stare.
Rith peers at Montrose quizzically.
Montrose agrees.
Rith sighs.
Montrose says in common, 'Don't make me wait. It is rare enough that I answer in person'
You ruffle Montrose's hair playfully.

licking the dumbass

You say in common, 'Ercinae (lick dumbass)'
Ercinae licks Danor.
You cackle.

Dazed and Confused

Devil lets off a real rip-roarer.
Nyerte appears dazed.

Bonk! bonk! bonk!

Rokenlo hit Snake's body barely with his left fist!
Rokenlo draws a bamboo fishing pole.
Rokenlo smacked Snake's body with his fishing pole!
Snake died!

Hot Npc's

Jaffa asks in common, 'Why don't you get reinced into a more attractive body?'
Morrigan scoffs at Jaffa


You tell Desla: 'Well, I'm kinda tied up at the moment'
Desla tells you: 'I don't want to hear about your mudsexcapades'


[announcement] Ogma : I recommend putting all barding and tack in a cabinet, closing the cabinet and waiting at least 1 minute before reopening it. Also saddle bags will have to be remade.
You shout in magic, 'Barding includes lute?'
You ponder the situation.
Katsumi shouts in magic, 'Please don't blow up danor till I don't need him anymore.'


Rhyandra pumps up the forge.
Rhyandra crafts a tin skull.
You take a tin skull from the balcony.
You say in common, 'Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio'

For the Shakespearially-uninclined... Click here for an explaination

Drunk Pets

You say in common, 'All (chug beer)'

Caedes laps up some golden beer from the cask.
Sicarius laps up some golden beer from the cask.
Bacardi laps up some golden beer from the cask.
Lumpy laps up some golden beer from the cask.
Lumpy belches loudly.
Bacardi belches loudly.
Sicarius belches loudly.
Caedes belches loudly.

You cackle.


Kilin says in common, 'Manatarms (set aim to danor)'
Manatarms squeaks happily.
Kilin cackles.
You stare.
Kilin says in common, 'It works!'

Man of the House

You shout in common, 'I am all that is Man!'
Ogma pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogma whacks you upside the head with a clue-by-four!
* You think your enlightenment skill has improved. *
Ogma returns his clue-by-four to its place.
You say (OOC), 'enlightenment+'