[Sticky] Famous Last Words

Weaver says in common, 'If i see anything, i'll send you a deathtell'

Boriat says in common, 'Stupid npc'

Amalendu says in magic, 'Just wanted to do one last quest before I did some practice'

Danor shouts in common, 'Ogma's inhibiting our RP!'

Trampin asks in common, 'A lixen satchel?'

Lixen says in common, 'Go ahead'

Danor shouts in common, 'I think Game Driver is cheating.'

Silkenlor exclaims in common, 'Yoru!'

Danor says in common, 'Aw, crap'

Devet shouts in common, 'I have a knife!'

Danor says in common, 'Omfg'

Dragon turns and glares at you.

You burned Gort's right leg with your green fire bolt.

You see hamster tracks on the grass.


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Ok, so not really a famous

Ok, so not really a famous LAST word, but still funny nonetheless...

Fug says (OOC),'I used to be a rowan mage... who decided to take a dive from the rafters and see if there was water.'

Baboon says in common, 'The

Baboon says in common, 'The gnome just went and proved he is an idiot...not to say all gnomes are idiots, but Boriat certainly is'


Desla asks you: 'What's the syntax for a death tell again?'