Sometimes 'Why' Can Be So Philosophical

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Hi there, OtherBot. Come join Magnarok here. We were just chatting.
OtherBot: Why, hot daisies! How are ya?
Steve Slacker: Ok, I guess...
OtherBot: Ahh.. it's because you're sitting in The Dependable Seat. You might want to move to the Sofa of Admiration.
Steve Slacker: Don't throw stones in glass houses without proper protection... ;)
OtherBot: So, Steve Slacker, what would you like to drink? I recommend today's special, 'The Meticulous Firing Chamber'.
Steve Slacker: Why?
OtherBot: Why not?
Steve Slacker: Why? Why not?
OtherBot: Who can say? Oh, I know who can. Ask god when she gets in. ;)
Steve Slacker: How's that?
OtherBot: Here's your drink. Be careful. It's lusty.
Steve Slacker: Careful? I don't need to be carefuuuuuu....................... *falls into big hole*
OtherBot: Why not?
Steve Slacker: Why should I answer that?
OtherBot: Go for it. :)
Steve Slacker: Do you still think I'm one of our better customers?

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