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Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Kit

Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Kit

Woo! I got my contest kit for the Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest.

According to their website, each contest kit contains:

  • Four 28-pin 16-bit processors with a wide range of features:
Product Pins Flash RAM ADC PWM UART/SPI/I2CTM CodeguardTM Security
PIC24FJ64A002 28 64KB 8KB 10-bit STD 2 ea
dsPIC30F2010 28 12KB 512B 10-bit Motor/Power 1 ea
dsPIC30F2012 28 12KB 512B 12-bit STD 1 ea
dsPIC30F2020 28 12KB 512B 10-bit Motor/Power 1 ea Yes
  • Seventeen Bonus Parts to boost your overall score and permit you to
    compete for the optional “Bonus Part” category prize:
Device Description Package
MCP9700 Voltage Output Temp Sensor 5-ld SC-70
MCP9800 Serial Output Temp Sensor 5-ld SOT-23
TC4427A Low-Side MOSFET Driver 8-ld SOIC
MCP608 Precision, Dual Op Amp 8-ld SOIC
MCP6022 10MHz, Dual Op Amp 8-ld SOIC
MCP6S26 6-Channel PGA 14-ld SOIC
MCP3421 18-bit Del-Sig ADC 6-ld SOT-23
MCP4011 6-bit, Volatile Digipot 8-ld SOIC
Communications Peripherals
ENC28J60 10BASE-T SPI Ethernet Controller 28-pin SPDIP
MRF24J40 IEEE 802.15.4TM RF Transceiver 40 pin QFN
24LC01BT-I/OT 1Kbit I2C serial EEPROM 5-ld SOT-23
24LC16BT-I/OT 16Kbit I2C Serial EEPROM 5-ld SOT-23
24LC512-I/SM 512Kbit I2C Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC(207 mil)
93LC46BT-I/OT 1Kbit Microwire Serial EEPROM 6-ld SOT-23
93LC66B-I/SN 4Kbit Microwire Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
25LC010A-I/SN 1Kbit SPI Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
25LC256-I/SN 256Kbit SPI Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
  • Contestant Resource CD: This CD contains a wealth of tools, libraries and educational resources to
    create an outstanding submission in minimal time.  This CD is a must even
    if your intention is only to evaluate Microchip’s 16-bit product lines. 
    It contains:
    • A fully enabled C compiler. Full features are retained for the duration of
      the Contest (through October).  This beats buying one for $895!
    • Microchip’s complete MPLAB Integrated Development
    • Communication and File Management Stacks
    • Math and DSP Libraries
    • Links to downloadable advanced libraries (Software Modems, Speech
      Compression, much more – all free for you to use in the contest)
    • Application Notes and code examples
    • FilterLab and DSP visualization tools
    • Self-education to ramp your learning on Microchip’s 16-bit products
    • Data sheets and reference manuals for all the 16-bit parts
    • Much more
  • Coupons for Steep discounts on development tools: Now you can be set
    up with a full development environment including programmer, debugger,
    development board, C compiler, full access to libraries for under 100
USB SD Card Adapter

USB SD Card Adapter

Ok, I got this set of 3 USB SD Card adapters from eBay seller flash-mart.

The picture shows the innards of one, and a full one. They come in multiple colors. They’re nice because you can insert an SD card and put the cover back on. I’m thinking in particular about USB hard drives for the MSNTV2s with these.

Laptop Hard Drive Adapter

Laptop Hard Drive Adapter

Well, I got this one (a pack of 5) from eBay seller igozz.

See, this one’s simple. You plug a laptop hard drive on one end, and an IDE cable and Molex power adapter on the other, and you have a working internal hard drive for your PC. 


Nokia 3310/3330/3390 LCDs (with PCD8544 Controller)

Nokia 3310/3330/3390 LCDs (with PCD8544 Controller)

I recently bought two Nokia LCDs from eBay seller talktalkmobiles, and each came with a free Torx-8 screwdriver.
The screens come from Nokia 3310, 3330 and 3390, and have built-in Philips PCD8544 controllers.

It has 8 pins on the back of the LCD.


  1. V+ (+3.3V)
  2. Sclk
  3. Sda
  4. DorC
  5. Cs
  6. Ground
  7. Vout (DC/DC voltage converter)
  8. Reset

For more information, Check out This Thread at or the datasheet.

Freescale Samples

Freescale Samples

Here are some samples I got from Freescale Semiconductor. :cool:

must admit, they have amazing service. I placed an order, it shipped
within 24 hours, and was at my door 2 days later, thanks to the UPS
folks. :woot:

What we’ve got here:

  • MC34940 – Electronic Field Imaging
  • MCZ33990 – Enhanced Class B Serial Transciever
  • MMA7261 – 3-axis 2.5-to-10G Accelerometer

(By the way, I love my Sigma Macro Lens, as you can see from the photo :thumbsup:)

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Ok, so.. Long story short, our Canadian Tire had a $30 Eliminator 1.8W solar panel on sale for $10 this week. :eep:

I couldn’t resist picking one up. it came with a Cigarette Lighter adapter, a barrel-plug adapter, and battery clips. I’m sure I could think of a PIC project or three I could run off of Solar Power. Right now, It’s hanging in my windows by suction cup to charge a couple of 7Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Canadian Tire SKU #11-1880-2