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RFIDGeek/Univelop RF500B RFID Module

RFIDGeek/Univelop RF500B RFID Module

This is the RFID Module sold by RFIDGeek/Univelop Tech. While this little module might not look like much, it IS true what they say, “Good things come in small packages”.

By wiring +5 and Ground, as well as RS232 RX and TX to the board, you can use the included program to read and write to/from MiFare cards.

The company website ( does not do the module justice. This little ~1.35″*2.25″ RFID reader/writer module packs the following onboard:

Top Side:

  • Fudan Microelectronics FM1702NL (32-pin SOP): [PDF] Parallel or SPI Interface (Note, the higher models, FM1715NL and FM1725NL both share a common pinout, and offer increased features [see the PDF]. I wonder if the board would work with one of these instead of the FM1702…)
  • 13.56Mhz Crystal
  • Sipex SP232EEN: TTL-RS232 Converter

Bottom Side:

  • LSI 1021WI?: (8-pin SOP, bottom side of the module)
  • Unknown Microcontroller: (44-pin, ID has been shaved off)
  • 11.0592Mhz Crystal

There is space available to add pin headers to the board for each of the following: (All of these are subject to change and/or verification)

J1: Antenna Interface

  1. Ground
  2. Transmitting Antenna 1
  3. Ground
  4. Transmitting Antenna 2
  5. Ground
  6. Receiving Antenna

J2: Microcontroller Interface

  1. Control Output
  2. Buzzer Output (High)
  3. RS485 Control (Low)
  4. VCC
  5. Reset Onboard MCU (High)
  6. Ground
  7. UART Receive
  8. UART Transmit

J3: Microcontroller SPI? (For the “Module 500” Only?)

  5. SPI Clock Out from FM1702NL Pin 24

J4: RS232 I/O

  1. VCC (+5V)
  2. RS232 Receive
  3. RS232 Transmit
  4. Ground
OpenPCD Project

OpenPCD Project

OpenPCD is a free hardware design for Proximity Coupling Devices (PCD) based on 13,56MHz communication. This device is able to screen informations from Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICC) conforming to vendor-independent standards such as ISO 14443, ISO 15693 as well as proprietary protocols such as Mifare Classic. Contactless cards like these are for example used in the new electronic passports.

OpenBeacon Project

OpenBeacon Project

OpenBeacon is a free design for an active RFID device which operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. The device contains a unique serial number, but may have other information. OpenBeacon is designed as a transceiver device and therefore both transmits and receives radio waves. The intention of this project is to offer a wide range of use cases such as visitor or item tracking and wireless remote control with a free self-contained and low-cost RFID design.