[Sticky] Time for a Quickie

I mean, quotes that aren't long enough to merit their own posting. Add your own in the comments!

Jasi asks in common, 'What do camels eat?'
Lorne says in common, 'Danors'
Cutie spits.

Lumpy eyes Dummy as if calculating a trajectory.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, I resent that!'

Ogre Logic

Quick backgrounder:
Amalendu suggested Danor reinc into an ogre.
Danor asked, "Why?"

Amalendu says in magic, 'You grunt like an ogre'
You say, 'but i also dook like a ferret.'
Amalendu says in magic, ' heat'
Urthan imagines Blossom on a hot day.


You say, 'and hell if I want to be as dumb as raziel'
You say, 'but then again, i'm already the guild crafting bitch'