HP Touchpad Hardware [Preliminary]

Although this is an article on hardware, I'm going to be using software to probe it. This is from a 32GB HP Touchpad, though the 16GB should be the same, barring the difference in storage.


How to make a 5-Bay NAS Box for under $400

What you will need:

Add your driver and addr_server to monit: How-To [Beta]

This how-to is still in testing. I got it to work, however, the how-to may not be totally complete or correct. Please let me know how it works for you.

Some great projects, including some neat magstripe hacks and dtmf decoders

WRTSL54GS Hardware & Architecture

Here's the dump of /proc/cpuinfo:

MSNTV2 Hardware & Architecture

Here's what phpSysInfo has to say:

MSNTV2 Boot Tutorial

MSNTV2 Boot Tutorial

Well, it's 3AM, but I got my first MSNTV2 server running using linux kernel, so here's a writeup on how it's done.

This is provided with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness

This tutorial assumes the following:

BlackDog USB-Powered Linux Server

BlackDog is a fully self-contained computer with a built-in biometric reader and a host of other powerful features. Unlike any other computing device, BlackDog is completely powered off of the USB port of your host computer

New Antenna for WRTSL54GS

New Antenna for WRTSL54GS

Well, here is my WRTSL54GS's new antenna, liberated from an old BEF-11.