dead souls mudlib

Mod: Wizzes can't be killed

Add this block of code to the beginning of varargs int eventDie(mixed agent) in /lib/player.c.

No Zapping Arch Wizzes

Here's how to prevent zapping of arch wizards:

In /verbs/creators/zap.c, change:

    if(!living(ob)) {
        write("You can only zap living things.");
        return 1;
    else name = ob->GetName();


Dead Souls 2.3a1 Wordy Exit Code

This is my update to the /lib/exits.c, /lib/std/room.c and /lib/interactive.c to allow for worded exits in verbose mode, and the usual short exits in brief mode.


Dead Souls HideExit code

This is my update to the /lib/exits.c and /lib/std/room.c to make obvious exits easier to use and worth with. It adds the following: