Curtsey or bow? Both.

Tumi debates on curtsey or bow.
Rith grins.
Rith asks in common, 'Both?'
Tumi sprawls out lazily.
Caitrin giggles softly.
Tumi says in common, 'That's what happens'
Rith agrees.


You charred Pikachu's right hind leg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Pikachu's right hind leg is destroyed!
Pikachu died!
Lynx leaves the party.
Lynx vanishes in a flash of light!
Amulet (on Boriat) says, 'holy shit'
Rhyandra stares.
Zengo says in common, 'Zengo not wants blow up'

Aw, Crap (Poop, Part 1)

Musashi bows.
Angelica smiles.
Feybol says in common, 'Hello'
Angelica says in common, 'Hi'
Feybol studies the bulletin board.

Wizardwind plops out a steaming horse patty.