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[Sticky] My Ham Shack

Well, my ham shack so far consists of:

Some great projects, including some neat magstripe hacks and dtmf decoders


Makers of handhelds, mobiles, HF radios, scanners, and power supplies

Icom America

Makers of all types of radios: Ham, Avionics, Land Mobile, Consumers, and Scanners


Makers of Handhelds, Mobiles, and HF rigs (as well as many other types of audio equipment, such as car stereos, etc)


Amateur Radio division of Vertex Standard, with handhelds, mobile, and HF rigs


Manufacturers of antennas and accessories

Andrew Corporation

Makers of a wide variety of antennas

Inter-Provincial Amateur Radio Network (IPARN)

IPARN Canada (pronounced I-PARN) is a national non-profit organization for Canadian Amateur Radio operators supported by membership dues, and as a result the membership support influences the rate at which the network can expand and improve.

Nifty! Ham Accessories

Quick Reference manuals for many popular ham rigs