Tribute to Ogma

[quote]Northern Meadow

Mounting Porters

Noorooo the porter (ridden by you).


Ogma touches you gently with a silver wand (arcing).
You have died!
Haveok screams.
Yoru points and laughs at you.
Ogma asks, 'What the?'
You say, 'haha'
Ogma touches a stud on his wand and the lightning vanishes from around its tip.
Haveok pokes corpse.

More Powah

Aozora sniffs a spellbook of [magic] Green_fire_bolt.
You poke Aozora in the ribs.
Ogma chuckles.
Magik ponders the situation.
Vidar says in common, 'I want gfb'
Vidar nudges Aozora.
Magik says in common, 'Me too'
Danor sniffs a spellbook of [magic] Blue_fire_bolt.

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's fat Devet!

You get up from the floor.
You fall flat on your face.
The ground hit your head with destructive force!
Your head has been destroyed!
You have died!


You charred Pikachu's right hind leg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Pikachu's right hind leg is destroyed!
Pikachu died!
Lynx leaves the party.
Lynx vanishes in a flash of light!
Amulet (on Boriat) says, 'holy shit'
Rhyandra stares.
Zengo says in common, 'Zengo not wants blow up'

Aw, Crap (Poop, Part 1)

Musashi bows.
Angelica smiles.
Feybol says in common, 'Hello'
Angelica says in common, 'Hi'
Feybol studies the bulletin board.

Wizardwind plops out a steaming horse patty.

Asplode A-sploded!

Healer's Hall: A comfortable guest hall. Exits: n s u
an open yew cask of water.
a bulletin board.
a rosewood box, and a rosewood trash barrel.
Asplode the hamster.
Serene the cat (sitting on the rug).
Gup the donkey (sitting on the rug).
Master Lanthus the gnome.
Boriat the gnome.
Musashi the catfolk.

You say in common, 'Asplode (asplode)'
Serene rubs up against Boriat and purrs.

Danor Pie

Urthan says (OOC),'eat your pie, Danor. Ogma made it special.'
You nod pie.
You say (OOC), 'The pie, bob!'

look in (held) pack

A well-made leather backpack, with a closable flap and shoulder straps. It contains: a meat pie.

You think.
You take a meat pie from an open leather backpack (worn).
You eat a meat pie.
Inside the pastry crust is a hearty filling of danor.
You are not hungry.


Ogma shows an ingot of watered steel to you.
A bar of high carbon steel with a pattern of fine, wavy lines on the surface producing an appearance similar to watered silk.
Ogma shows an ingot of watered steel to Jask.
Jask says in common, 'Pretty'
Ogma says, 'It's wootz.'

You ask in common, 'Woot?'
Jask says in common, 'Wootz'
Jask giggles.
You dance woot.
Jask exclaims in common, 'Whoop!'
Jask pushes you. Whoof!
You exclaim in common, 'Whoof!'