[Sticky] Time for a Quickie

I mean, quotes that aren't long enough to merit their own posting. Add your own in the comments!

Jasi asks in common, 'What do camels eat?'
Lorne says in common, 'Danors'
Cutie spits.

Lumpy eyes Dummy as if calculating a trajectory.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, I resent that!'

Slap Slap

You say, 'I'm still waitin on my slap from desla'
Danor ponders the situation.
You say, 'Since he couldn't do it in spirit form'
Danor nods.
Katsumi says, 'Ah well'
Danor says, 'Reminded him about it'
Danor grins.

Danor's Transformation

Desla fades in.
Desla ponders the situation.
Desla asks, 'Danor, have I abused you lately?'
Theodor says in common, 'You haven’t.'
Desla nods.
Amulet (on Theodor) says, 'I thought you were delegating that.'
You think.
You shake your head.

Asplode A-sploded!

Healer's Hall: A comfortable guest hall. Exits: n s u
an open yew cask of water.
a bulletin board.
a rosewood box, and a rosewood trash barrel.
Asplode the hamster.
Serene the cat (sitting on the rug).
Gup the donkey (sitting on the rug).
Master Lanthus the gnome.
Boriat the gnome.
Musashi the catfolk.

You say in common, 'Asplode (asplode)'
Serene rubs up against Boriat and purrs.

My name isn't Tom

Katsumi asks in common, 'Bromri is a voyuer?'
Katsumi says in common, '
Phillip says in common, '
You say in common, '
A peeping tom'
You nod.
Katsumi says in common, 'Hm'
Phillip says in common, '
Lotsa men around'
Phillip says in common, '
He not..'
Phillip says in common, '
You know..'
Katsumi says in common, '
I'll have to keep my curtains closed'
You exclaim in common, '
You say in common, '
I mean'

A Thing for Gnomes

Grumum exclaims in southern, 'That girl is so sexy!'
You peer at Grumum quizzically.
Grumum smiles.
You say in common, 'I think the gnome likes you'
Grumum smiles.
You nod.
Joanna rolls her eyes.

Grumum asks in southern, 'I know! Can you believe it?'
You say in common, 'See'
You laugh.
Grumum giggles.
Joanna giggles.
Grumum smiles at Joanna.
You nod.
Joanna stares.
Mork nibbles on some grass.
You say in common, 'Told you'

That'll Work... I guess.

You say in common, 'All (obey urthan)'
Syryn whickers happily.

You think.
You ask in common, 'You take syryn in empty wagon? bring her back?'

Urthan nods dully.
Urthan takes syryn the white clydesdale mare (pulling a wooden wagon) from the rug.
You blink.
Urthan tramples your toes as he makes his way to the north.

Don't Do It!

Probably a bad idea to be fooling around out here.

No, really, it's way too dangerous out here to do stuff like that.

Inomi yells in common, 'Don't do it!!'

You're really asking for trouble.

Well, if you insist, I suppose...
You plunge from the catwalk!
You land on those pointy rocks by the beach! Ow!
The rocks hit your tail with destructive force!
Your tail has been destroyed!


You pat Hatchling on the head.
Hatchling croons deep in her throat, and lowers her eyelids.
You purr.
You cuddle with Hatchling.

Miroku chuckles.
Miroku pats Hatchling on the head.
Hatchling screeches at Miroku.
Miroku shrugs.
You nod to Hatchling.
You say in common, 'Mages are bad'
You say in common, 'Mages are bad'
You nod to Hatchling.
You say in common, 'Mages are food'
You nod to Hatchling.
Hatchling watches Miroku curiously.
You laugh.
Miroku grins.



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