[Sticky] Time for a Quickie

I mean, quotes that aren't long enough to merit their own posting. Add your own in the comments!

Jasi asks in common, 'What do camels eat?'
Lorne says in common, 'Danors'
Cutie spits.

Lumpy eyes Dummy as if calculating a trajectory.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, I resent that!'

Slap Slap

You say, 'I'm still waitin on my slap from desla'
Danor ponders the situation.
You say, 'Since he couldn't do it in spirit form'
Danor nods.
Katsumi says, 'Ah well'
Danor says, 'Reminded him about it'
Danor grins.

Danor's Transformation

Desla fades in.
Desla ponders the situation.
Desla asks, 'Danor, have I abused you lately?'
Theodor says in common, 'You haven’t.'
Desla nods.
Amulet (on Theodor) says, 'I thought you were delegating that.'
You think.
You shake your head.

Violent Creators!

You shout in common, 'Any non-violent creator-types about?'

[Dragon suddenly exists, no warning]

Dragon turns and glares at you.

[thinks: Oh... sh*t.]

Desla begins to incant a spell.
Desla charred Dragon's body to a crisp with his octarine fire bolt!
Dragon's body is destroyed!
Dragon died!
Desla says, 'Sorry, no non-violent creator types available'
Desla waves.

Wonky Tonk

[announcement] Desla : monthly reboot, before things get wonky. Back up immediately afterwards
Maus stops guarding Buju.
Buju bats idly at his tail.
Silkenlor says in common, 'Wonky'
Silkenlor shouts in common, 'Wonky!'
Maus says in common, '"wonky". That's cute.'
Euros asks in common, 'Who says that these days?'
Osolo shouts in common, 'Tonky'
!Game driver shouts: Game is shutting down in 10 minutes.

Problem Solved

Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'urnusk is being an ass.. kicks everyone in town''
Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'methinks he might be classifiable as a griefer''
Desla tells you: '[DEATH] Urnusk at Sun Jan 02 15:32:55 2005 by a pine quarrel shot by Mormel the catfolk'
Desla tells you: 'Danor tells you: 'nevermind, problem solved.''
Desla tells you: 'That's funny'