[Sticky] Time for a Quickie

I mean, quotes that aren't long enough to merit their own posting. Add your own in the comments!

Jasi asks in common, 'What do camels eat?'
Lorne says in common, 'Danors'
Cutie spits.

Lumpy eyes Dummy as if calculating a trajectory.
You exclaim in common, 'Hey, I resent that!'

Educational moment

(Context: We were sitting in the hh, I was teaching the basics of magic to a new elf, Caitrin)

Boriat asks Caitrin in common, 'So how do you find being a mage so far?'
Caitrin says in magic, 'Well, I can see it's going to take a lot of time to be any good at all'
Caitrin giggles.


Ogma touches you gently with a silver wand (arcing).
You have died!
Haveok screams.
Yoru points and laughs at you.
Ogma asks, 'What the?'
You say, 'haha'
Ogma touches a stud on his wand and the lightning vanishes from around its tip.
Haveok pokes corpse.

Boriat's Bright Moment

Boriat frowns.
Asus exclaims in magic, 'Blue!'
Boriat begins to incant a spell.
Boriat incants some mystic phrases.
Boriat fills the room with red fire!
Golem is horribly burned!
Hope is horribly burned!
Asus is horribly burned!
Asus attacks Boriat the gnome!

Danor's Transformation

Desla fades in.
Desla ponders the situation.
Desla asks, 'Danor, have I abused you lately?'
Theodor says in common, 'You haven’t.'
Desla nods.
Amulet (on Theodor) says, 'I thought you were delegating that.'
You think.
You shake your head.


You charred Pikachu's right hind leg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Pikachu's right hind leg is destroyed!
Pikachu died!
Lynx leaves the party.
Lynx vanishes in a flash of light!
Amulet (on Boriat) says, 'holy shit'
Rhyandra stares.
Zengo says in common, 'Zengo not wants blow up'

Asplode A-sploded!

Healer's Hall: A comfortable guest hall. Exits: n s u
an open yew cask of water.
a bulletin board.
a rosewood box, and a rosewood trash barrel.
Asplode the hamster.
Serene the cat (sitting on the rug).
Gup the donkey (sitting on the rug).
Master Lanthus the gnome.
Boriat the gnome.
Musashi the catfolk.

You say in common, 'Asplode (asplode)'
Serene rubs up against Boriat and purrs.

Good thing...

Boriat says in common, 'As far as I know, no one actually follows my current branch'
Jask puts a small metal vial with some pink draaf in it on a rosewood table.
You nod to Boriat.
Jask sighs in relief.


Alhia asks in common, 'What are you guys talking about?'
Sicarius looks for something to steal.
Alhia asks in common, 'Are you in the mg now, Bor?'
You say (OOC), 'Boriat says in common, 'As far as I know, no one actually follows my current branch''

Scary thing is, Half of the world is below average

Boriat asks in magic, 'How well do you speak common, Pilo?'
Pilo says in common, 'Me average is'
Boriat says in magic, 'You don't sound that way'
Pilo asks in common, 'Why askes?'
Pilo says in common, 'Me know how talk some just me no so smart'
You say in common, 'You remind me of a guy by the name of Raziel'
Pilo says in common, 'Me met him'
Boriat says in magic, 'Apparently, since you sound as smart as a stupid ogre'


write note
Subject: Fuego!
Type a series of lines. Finish by typing '**' on a line by itself. Type ~h on a line by itself for help.

read next
67 [Ylw 13, 1514] Fuego!

You nod.
Alekhine reads a note titled 'Fuego!'.
Danor waits for Rhylla to come read.
Alekhine begins to incant a spell.
Alekhine's bag begins to glow very brightly.