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Mastered or Pwned? [Language]

*** Hexadeci-Man is now known as Mastered.
Mastered: \msg nickserv identify masterd[***]


*** asscrack has joined #blogshares.
asscrack: hi
Shadyman: At least you're not an asshole.
asscrack: HELLO
Shadyman: Oh, I take that back :x
onyx: hahahaha
asscrack: whats that supposed to mean

DBAs Gone Wild

SubWolf: Sounds like Shadyman is knowledgable re v4.0 - v4.1 changes, etc.
hildy: well here was my post. [url removed]
Shadyman: SubWolf: Sadly, yes.
Shadyman: SubWolf: Backwards-compatible they aren't
nexy: my .sql file is jacked up Rob.. Shady was helping me transfer it to my new database
SubWolf: Very good of him.

Killed in a Nick Collision? Quel Horrible!

*** sarabear_ has joined #blogshares.
*** sarabear_ is now known as sarabear.
*** sarabear has signed off IRC (Killed ( (Nick Collision))).
* surge hopes sarabear was wearing her seatbelt
* Shadyman agrees

NVidia doesn't like being installed manually-like

argpirate: well im going to go try to install nvidia manually like...
*** argpirate has signed off IRC (Remote closed the connection).
Shadyman: I guess nvidia didn't want to do that.

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