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DBAs Gone Wild

SubWolf: Sounds like Shadyman is knowledgable re v4.0 - v4.1 changes, etc.
hildy: well here was my post. [url removed]
Shadyman: SubWolf: Sadly, yes.
Shadyman: SubWolf: Backwards-compatible they aren't
nexy: my .sql file is jacked up Rob.. Shady was helping me transfer it to my new database
SubWolf: Very good of him.

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's fat Devet!

You get up from the floor.
You fall flat on your face.
The ground hit your head with destructive force!
Your head has been destroyed!
You have died!

Killed in a Nick Collision? Quel Horrible!

*** sarabear_ has joined #blogshares.
*** sarabear_ is now known as sarabear.
*** sarabear has signed off IRC (Killed ( (Nick Collision))).
* surge hopes sarabear was wearing her seatbelt
* Shadyman agrees


You charred Pikachu's right hind leg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Pikachu's right hind leg is destroyed!
Pikachu died!
Lynx leaves the party.
Lynx vanishes in a flash of light!
Amulet (on Boriat) says, 'holy shit'
Rhyandra stares.
Zengo says in common, 'Zengo not wants blow up'

Aw, Crap (Poop, Part 1)

Musashi bows.
Angelica smiles.
Feybol says in common, 'Hello'
Angelica says in common, 'Hi'
Feybol studies the bulletin board.

Wizardwind plops out a steaming horse patty.

Shhh! It floats! (Poop, Part 2)

Thalinder shouts in magic, 'Devet you forgot gloves!'
You wade into the pool.

The shallow end of the pool. It is very bright here.
There are two exits: out and south.

Asplode A-sploded!

Healer's Hall: A comfortable guest hall. Exits: n s u
an open yew cask of water.
a bulletin board.
a rosewood box, and a rosewood trash barrel.
Asplode the hamster.
Serene the cat (sitting on the rug).
Gup the donkey (sitting on the rug).
Master Lanthus the gnome.
Boriat the gnome.
Musashi the catfolk.

You say in common, 'Asplode (asplode)'
Serene rubs up against Boriat and purrs.

Devet's Meat

Devet asks in common, 'Is it distracting when i play with my meat, Danor?'
You grin.
Slithe says in common, 'Oh my'
Devet laughs.
Slithe says in common, 'Well have fun'
Lorne shakes his head.
Devet laughs.
Slithe smiles.
Slithe waves.
Devet waves.
Slithe crawls away toward the north.
Lorne purposefully paces off, heading for the north.
Devet cackles.
Devet says in common, 'Scared them all away'
Urthan suddenly exists in the world of Ferdarchi.
Devet exclaims in common, 'Urthan!'

Little Consignment Shop of Horrors!

reclaim book
Larry exclaims in common, 'You don't have enough money to cover the reclaiming charge!'
...[Few hours]...

reclaim book
Larry exclaims in common, 'You don't have enough money to cover the reclaiming charge!'
You ponder.
...[Few hours]...

reclaim book
Larry glares.
Larry says in common, 'You get on my nerves.'
Larry asks in common, 'You want your stuff? Go get it.'
Larry drops a volume entitled "Cucina Alfredo" into a hatch in the floor.

Ogdor The Banninator

Ogdor is DartMUD's occasional "guest" visitor, in the guise of a banninator. Inspired by's Trogdor the Burninator

Amon sniffs Ogdor.
Ogdor pokes Amon in the ribs.
You cackle.
Amon scratches his head.
Ogdor exclaims, 'Consummate V's!'
You cackle.
Amon laughs.
You ponder the situation.
You say (OOC), 'it's an ogdor NPC ;)'
You say (OOC), 'see?'
Ogdor pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogdor whacks you upside the head with a clue-by-four!

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