My Photo-Manips Photoshop: Bird Enchanter Photoshop: Bird Enchanter

This one's for the Photoshop contest, "Photoshop this french bird enchanter. Bird surrenders"



A combination of a "snickerdoodle" cookie with a "snooker" game. Photoshop: Fark-themed Lunchbox Photoshop: Fark-themed Lunchbox

My entry for this photoshop contest

I know nut allergies aren't a laughing matter, but I searched Google for lunchboxes and this came up, and was surprisingly fitting. Not sure where I got the source image from.. Somewhere on Google. Photoshop: Slam-Dunk Wall-jumper Photoshop: Slam-Dunk Wall-jumper

This one is my entry for this photoshop contest Photoshop: Some brie, a key, and a bee Photoshop: Some brie, a key, and a bee Photoshop Contest: Photoshop some brie, a key and a bee Photoshop: Tube House Photoshop: Tube House

Fark Photoshop Contest: Old Electron Tube Photoshop: Soldier In Training Photoshop: Soldier In Training

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