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Seiko/Epson RG9013F-NZ LCD Screen

I got this LCD screen free with one of my computer-related eBay purchases.

The label on the bubblewrap says:

2homeinfo dot com SPLOGs

2homeinfo dot com, the 'ringleader' of this SPLOG-ring

2homeinfo dot com is a (quite pretty) fascia for a giant splog ring.  Its posts, however pretty, link off to other sites, such as modularhomeweb dot com, (surprise surprise, it's the same site, just copied over...), except this site has stories whose "original posts" are all on usedmobilehomes dot wordpress dot com.

SPLOGS on Free Blog Hosts hosting with Wordpress MU

An example of a SPLOG on a Wordpress MU Free Blog Host

This type of SPLOG targets Wordpress-MU-based free blog hosts such as

This SPLOG posts blocks of text that may be copied from other sources, and/or mixed together to create a regular-looking block of text, generally with entire coherent sentences but not coherent paragraphs. Random groups of words are linked to the target sites, which are either:

Blogspot Affiliate Spam

An example of a blogger/blogspot Amazon SPLOG.

This type of SPLOG (or Spam Blog) is essentially an category listing created by a spider. It copies images and descriptions straight from the corresponding page, and posts it to the SPLOG, complete with affiliate link.

POM PPM Parking Meter

I found this parking meter at Princess Auto yesterday. Made by POM Inc., this meter is called the PPM.

I got it to work by adding a rubber band with just enough tension to depress the turn-detect lever when the lever is turned. The meter has knobs where a tensioned spring was attached. I'll have to find a decent spring somewhere.

SQL Daemon for DS

With much anticipation, here is my SQL code: it allows both blocking and non-blocking SQL sockets to be used simultaneously. I've tried to be very verbose in my commenting, and I will include some examples later on, too.

This stuff works to the best of my knowledge. If not, leave me a comment and I'll try to look at it.


Add your driver and addr_server to monit: How-To [Beta]

This how-to is still in testing. I got it to work, however, the how-to may not be totally complete or correct. Please let me know how it works for you.

RFIDGeek/Univelop RF500B RFID Module

RFIDGeek/Univelop RF500B RFID Module

This is the RFID Module sold by RFIDGeek/Univelop Tech. While this little module might not look like much, it IS true what they say, "Good things come in small packages".

FAKE Image Gallery

FAKE Image Gallery

These sites lure MSN users by pretending to be your buddies, messaging you a convincing link to their "photo gallery", into which you must put your MSN username and password to gain access to see your friend's photos. As soon as you put in your username and password, the sites log in with them, and send
further spam to everyone on your buddy list.

When Good Caps Go Bad

When Good Caps Go Bad

When this 0.22 Farad, 2.5 Volt super capacitor's time came, it didn't go easily. It put up a fight: It let all of its electrolyte out through its bottom and onto the PCB, leaving a hard, crusty layer, and a capacitor that doesn't work.

It is typically used in place of a standard "battery backup", and possibly to retain RAM contents between short resets.

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