Raspberry Pi Header Tap

Raspberry Pi Header Tap

Here is a series of taps I created for the Raspberry Pi to allow access to the header pins even though it may be blocked by a “Pi Plate” / Shield that is using the header without pass-through pinheaders. Please note these designs are as yet untested. Use at your own risk.

The Pi side of the PCB uses a trick from SparkFun for creating better contact with pins: spacing opposing pins 5 mil in opposite directions to allow the PCB to hold the header tightly.

These were created in the gEDA Suite’s PCB program. Each .zip file contains the .pcb file, a photo mode export of the board (.png) and a zip file of gerbers, suitable for upload to OSHPark, Seeed Studio, ITead, etc.


These files are released under the CC BY-SA 2.5 Canada license.


I2C Tap can be ordered from OSH Park directly by clicking here, and the Full Tap by clicking here.


I2C Only:  Pi_I2C_Tap_v0.1

26-Pin Pi Header:  Pi_Tap_v0.1

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  1. Any chance you have a 40 pin version of this? It would be exactly what I am looking for. Thanks,

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