Orion Nebula and Cloud Complex

Orion Nebula and Cloud Complex

Clusters of stars around the Orion Nebula, the nebula itself is in the center in white. This photo also shows some of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

Wikipedia says:

The nebula is also very bright in the infrared wavelengths due to the heat-intensive processes involved in the stellar formation.

The infrared wavelengths are shown here as red, hence the red background to the image. The image is mainly red because there was no blue data available.

Picture Summary: (J2000 Coordinate System)
R.A: 05 35 00.0
Dec: -05 16 30
ArcMinutes (X): 120
ArcMinutes (Y): 120
Using DSS-2 Red and DSS-2 Infrared from the ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey.

This image was created with
the help of the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator.

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