Altoids Project Tin

Altoids Project Tin

Here’s one of two Altoids cases that I purchased from a local discount store.. $1 each, with altoids and all. I must say, Cinnamon Altoids are stronger than the spicy candy hearts you get around Valentine’s Day, but hey, it was all worth it.. For the case.

There are many, many things you can do with these cute little tin cases.

2 thoughts on “Altoids Project Tin

  1. Hello — my dh loves the cinnamon Altoids.  I tried them myself and thought they were great and like you, thought of the red hots or fireballs candy. We found them on special for 99 cents and bought a “lifetime supply” or so it seems.

    The link to make and do with the tins does not work — got a 400 Bad Request page.

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