USB SD Card Adapter

USB SD Card Adapter

Ok, I got this set of 3 USB SD Card adapters from eBay seller flash-mart.

The picture shows the innards of one, and a full one. They come in multiple colors. They’re nice because you can insert an SD card and put the cover back on. I’m thinking in particular about USB hard drives for the MSNTV2s with these.

2 thoughts on “USB SD Card Adapter

  1. Hi, I just recieved one from another source, but when I plug in the USB into my USB slot in my computer it dosen’t seem to respond, Any ideas on why this is happening? 

    Thanks if you can provide any answers to my issue 🙂
    1. I think you have to insert the SD card into it first, and then insert it into the computer, and it should light up, it has a little LED on the other side.

      I had received one previously from another source, and unfortunately, I never managed to get it to work

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