486 Microprocessor Keychain

486 Microprocessor Keychain

Ok, while browsing the local thrift stores for hackable electronics, I ran across this little guy in the keyring tray for 29 cents. :jawdrop:  I couldn’t pass this up. I remember all the good times I had with our first x86 computer… (It was a 386 12/24 Mhz, which was upgraded to a 486/DX2 66Mhz soon after). 

The keyring is an Intel 486 Processor mounted in a plastic keychain casing.

“Intel486™ Microprocessor – Intel®: The Computer Inside™”

Also, see the front side of the keychain.

11 thoughts on “486 Microprocessor Keychain

  1. I’m trying to think of how to make one. My guess would be:

    1. Mix up some resin
    2. Pour some into the bottom of a (greased.. Vaseline probably) rectangular mold
    3. Let dry
    4. Put down a paper backing
    5. Put CPU die on top of paper backing (maybe held down with a drop of glue)
    6. Pour resin on top to cover
    7. Let dry
    8. (Does resin need to cure?)
    9. Drill a hole for a keyring or little triangular piece of wire to put keyring onto
    10. Sand and polish as needed

    That’s just my best guess, I’ve never played with resin like that before. Do this at your own risk.

  2. See smoothon.com for all kinds of resin for casting. Crystal Clear 220 would work well for making your own CPU keychain.

  3. Wow, really cool. You got a piece of history there, dude. I want one of those too. I’d like a dual core trinket soon. LOL


  4. Hey does anyone know if you can sell the Intel 486 keyringg, is it worth any money? I got given it when i was younger by my uncle and he told me to keep hold of it, just wanted to know if it was of any value?


    write back, thanx

    1. I’m not sure, but its’ definitely not something that’s made anymore, and they’re not that common, but I don’t think you’re going to retire anytime soon from the sale of one 🙂

  5. You have a very nice early example of an Intel 486 keychain, this is rarer version of  the 486 promotional  keychains that were trade show (ie. COMDEX), employee, and media reporter promotional giveaways, this one was given out briefly for a period during mid 1989 and 1990. Whats special about this item is that very few types of promotional items were released that had the “Intel. The computer Inside” phrase on them. This new catchphrase was Intel’s first real attempt at creating a consumer targeted branding campaign to associate their processors with personal computers and was only used  by Intel for less than two  years before they shortened the phrase and went with the now famous “Intel Inside” phrase in 1991 which finally became world famous after 1993 with the success of the Pentium Processor – Intel Inside advertising campaign. Also having the world trade center towers on the back of the keychain makes this one even more desirable.

    The Intel chip keychains and other branded memorabilia from high tech companies (AMD, Apple, IBM, etc.) are becoming highly collectible now and continue to increase in value so take good care of it, keep it away from direct sunlight and exposure to temperature extremes.

     Thanks for sharing this.

    ChipsEtc.com (Chips Etc. – Computer Chip Memorabilia)

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