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  1. I think I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. How’s the car? Did Cornelius work out for you? I think I still have the pictures of  you guys towing him away, if you’re interested. (They were digital, and I’ve been through a few computers since then… cough cough…)

    I hope you’re well!

    ~ Stephanie

    1. Great to hear from you! I’d love the photos, definitely 🙂

      I’m currently up in Canada doing some courses, so the car-rebuilding has had to take second stage for the time being.

      As you can tell from the other photos, he’s got a brand new engine now.. I added a power trunk lock, and I’ll be laying down some wiring for sound and other things before I put in a new carpet when I’m down next.

      Unfortunately, the old carpet was damaged due to little water leak around where the hood latch meets the firewall, (little doesn’t stay little when you have a couple hurricanes go through.. Eep.) so I used some silicone sealant to fix that up.

      I laid down some under-carpet sound and heat-proofing material while I was under the carpet too (since the regular padding

      I’ve got a Chevy cruise-control module all ready to be wired up (and a steering column with tilt and cruise control switches, as seen in this pic), and I think the only thing really needed now besides the carpet is a set of brake pads/shoes (without running into problems should take all of 30 minutes), a good round of injector cleaning. The new-engine purr is a thing of beauty 🙂 (Unfortunately, old gas is bad… gummed up a fuel pump and an injector or two. Hence the need for injector cleaning and lack of current engine-purring).

      I’ve got big plans for him, it’s just a matter of there being enough hours in the day (and dollars in the bank) to manage them all 🙂

      I’ve yet to see a Corsica up here in the 51st state that’s quite as pretty under the hood and under the car.

      Apparently he had to be moved to the back of the house for the time being because they were getting offers for him near-daily. I said no.. with the amount of blood sweat and tears I’ve put into him, he’s not going anywhere without one heck of a good reason.

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