2 thoughts on “Old Engine Removed

  1. Just had a freak accident with the e-brake on ourĀ  red ’96 Corsica. Lost the button. Not Happy. Thanks for the post with photo of necessary parts for repair. Like an actual exploded view. Nice. Seems do-able and less of a bummer now. Feel free to give me a heads-up if there is any trickiness to the fix. : ) As the car ages,I’m sure your site will come in handy for me. Good luck with this and your other projects!

    1. Great to know that the photos are being put to good use!

      The e-brake seems to disassemble itself because the screw that holds it together vibrates loose over the years.

      To put it back together, I put the large, plastic brake piece into the metal arm, and played around with it until it fit into place.

      The button sits on the end of it, and the handle slips over and is screwed in.


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