Anadigi GPS-R02 DIY GPS Kit

Anadigi GPS-R02 DIY GPS Kit

I got this little “Anadigi GPS-R02 DIY” car gps kit from eBay seller anadigi-hk, and it was mailed direct from Hong Kong.

[Edit: Apparently, the eBay Store and user are no more.]

It came with the GPS Circuit board and a little plastic case for it, an MMCX antenna with magnetic base, and a matching USB cable. The mini-CD came with drivers and a few test and diagnostic programs.

It works great; by the time my computer comes out of hibernation, it already has a signal lock. Talk about bang for the buck!

The receiver is based on the NemeriX NJ1030A [Datasheet –], and includes WAAS/EGNOS support.

Markings on the box: (They look like the vitals for the GPS Antenna)

  • Product Model: GPS
  • Center Frequency: 1575.42 +/-3Mhz
  • LNA Gain (Without Cable): 28dB
  • Noise Figure: <1.5dB
  • VSWR: <2.0
  • DC Current: 10mA Max
  • Mounting: Magnetic Base
  • Housing: Black
  • Working Temp: -40*C ~ +85*C
  • Vibration: Sine sweep lg(0-p) 10~50~10Hz each axis
  • Humidity: 95%-100%RH
  • Weatherproof: 100% Weatherproof
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Voltage: 3-5V
  • Connector: MMCX
  • USB to Serial Converter (onboard): PL-2303* (but the Prolific Windows driver doesn’t like it, errors with Code 10: Cannot start”, according to the Prolific website, that means it’s likely a counterfeit PL-2303 chip. I’ll have to dig out the CD that came with it again.)

Update: How to add GPS to your Eee PC @ – That’s definitely one of the first things I’d do with an Eee.

21 thoughts on “Anadigi GPS-R02 DIY GPS Kit

  1. I bought one car gps kit from eBay seller, but I need to connect in Serial Port in my laptop.

    Do you know how to convert to connect to the serial port?.


    1. There’s a chip on the bottom of the little PCB, it handles the RS232->USB conversion. You’d have to find a datasheet for it, and find out which pins hold what RS232 signal.

  2. do this can work with PC, update datebase by myself?, or do it can work some gps tool, as easygps, connecting with other pc data source, thanks.

    1. I’ve tested it to work with DeLorme GPS software and with NetStumbler, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with any other program.

      It gives its data over a serial to usb converter, so it shows up like a COM port.

    1. It uses a fairly common serial to usb driver, I forget exactly which. See what Windows says it detected, and look up a driver for it 🙂

      1. I ordered this on ebay and lost the cd.  Can someone provide a link to download the driver? Windows can’t find a suitable driver itself.

    1. Yes, it should, as long as your linux distribution has the proper driver module. It’s a fairly standard Serial to USB converter driver. If memory serves, it has an FTDI chip. I don’t have it with me, so I can’t look.

  3. Hey man.. I was planning to buy anadigi-hk gps kit but he’s not a seller anymore. Did you get his personal email ? I’ve been looking for that gps from ages and now that I was bout to get it, he went away.

    Got any clues?

    1. Weird, I wonder what happened to him. There is contact information on the Anadigi website, but I’m not positive that they were involved in the actual eBay auctions.

      Keep me informed 🙂

    1. No, it’s a GPS, it records your location from GPS satellites. You will need some kind of software to use it, but it does not require Internet access.

  4. Hi, I got one of these GPS-R02’s and it’s a good piece of kit, especially for the money. Found a website with a little info –, plus I think this guy still sells them on eBay. My problem, I broke the USB cable. Looks like a micro-A but I’m not 100% sure. Does anyone know?

  5. hi, i bought this Anadigi, gps antenna reciever last year, on Ebay from kenny.gps. dealing with this guy was pretty damned good, and the unit runs my tsunamis nav system great, but he’s no longer on Ebay.

    Can someone identify the USB mini lead connector at the box, it just says USB…..It has five connectors in a staight line 5mm wide. the lead came loose and tore out its wires, can anyone match the wire colours back to the terminals, if i can see them i’ll solder them back on !!?

    thanks Dippy ..


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