Educational moment

Educational moment

(Context: We were sitting in the hh, I was teaching the basics of magic to a new elf, Caitrin)

Boriat asks Caitrin in common, ‘So how do you find being a mage so far?’
Caitrin says in magic, ‘Well, I can see it’s going to take a lot of time to be any good at all
Caitrin giggles.
You say in magic, ‘It does take some work to get started.
You nod.
You say in magic, ‘But magic has rewards.
You open a leather scrollcase (worn).
You take a blank scroll from an open leather scrollcase (worn).
You close an open leather scrollcase (worn).

As you inscribe the last word, power infuses the scroll!
You have written a quite well written scroll of bor’s_doom.
You give a scroll of [magic] Bor’s_doom to Caitrin.
You say in magic, ‘Read that, for example.
Viamar is bad.
Boriat pats you on the head.
Urthan grunts.
Boriat says to Caitrin in common, ‘Now do this, invoke bd nyris,french viamar
You sigh.
Caitrin gives a scroll of [magic] Bor’s_doom to you.
Boriat sighs.
You ponder the situation.
Boriat says in common, ‘She didn’t listen to me
Boriat says in common, ‘He said he was bad, so you were supposed to punish him with his own medicine
Boriat nods.
Donovan says to Boriat in common, ‘She is young. She’ll learn.
Slayla giggles.
Boriat agrees with Donovan.
You put a scroll of [magic] Bor’s_doom in an open small black bag.
A grunting and chomping sound comes from your bag.
You shrug.
Caitrin says to Boriat in magic, ‘Sorry
Boriat says in common, ‘I’ll give you a second chance to do it
Boriat begins to incant a spell.
Slayla giggles.
Caitrin says in magic, ‘I couldn’t actually read most of what it said
Boriat says in common, ‘Now do this
Boriat says in common, ‘Trigger nyris,french viamar
You say in magic, ‘Bd, or bor’s doom…
Viamar tries to look academic.
Caitrin makes a small motion with her fingers.
Nyris gives you a deep and passionate kiss…it seems to take forever…
You say in magic, ‘Is a spell that’s very useful for apprentices.
You gag.
Caitrin laughs.
Urthan says in magic, ‘Ick
Thalinder frowns at Boriat.
Boriat grins.
Thalinder comforts Nyris.
Boriat asks in common, ‘Should I have used someone else?
Boriat asks in common, ‘Like Danor?
Boriat comforts Nyris.
You say in magic, ‘Now we get into the annoying aspects of metamagic, another advanced topic.
Urthan says in magic, ‘Should have used different example
Urthan says in magic, ‘Kissy not appropriate
Danor hums a little tune.
Boriat says in common, ‘But it made her laugh
Boriat grins.
Urthan says in magic, ‘Nyris and Viamar not married

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