FAKE Image Gallery

FAKE Image Gallery

These sites lure MSN users by pretending to be your buddies, messaging you a convincing link to their “photo gallery”, into which you must put your MSN username and password to gain access to see your friend’s photos. As soon as you put in your username and password, the sites log in with them, and send
further spam to everyone on your buddy list.

Sites: (including but not limited to:)

  • hostapic.info  (Update: Currently reports “Address not found”)
  • imagefrosty.info (Update: Currently reports “Address not found”)
  • get-that-stuff.info (Update: Domain is now some advertisement website)
  • imagegallerys.info (Update: Currently reports “Failed to connect”)
  • Update: imagezshak.com

They are all registered to a Mr. Jeff Fisher of TST Management,
Inc, located in Panama, with websites hosted in China.

Apparently this has been going on for a while, check out “Latest MSN scam records username and passwords…” article at jarred.brentp.net

I’ve reported these sites to the following:


Reported to MSN for Windows Live Messenger Abuse
I’ve heard nothing back from MSN yet.

eNom and NameCheap

NameCheap appears to be the affiliate of eNom that is the registrar for the domain, and the one taking care of the DNS servers. eNom is the one that provides the service to NameCheap.

Reported to eNom and NameCheap, the Registrars and hosts for the site.
The majority of eNom’s response email stated: <blockquote>Thank you for contacting us. Your email has been submitted to our Compliance Department. Please
note that due to the volume of complaints received, unless we need
additional information, you will not receive a reply or update from us.
Please be assured that we take abuse very seriously and investigate
every incident that is reported.</blockquote>


Reported to Yahoo.com, provider of “TST Management Inc”‘s email address.
The majority of their response email stated: <blockquote>We appreciate you contacting us about your concerns regarding this
possible abuse of Yahoo! services. We are not able to take action on
this complaint because the apparent instance of abuse is not hosted by
Yahoo!. If you wish to have action taken then you may wish to contact
any company which provides services that may be the subject of abuse.</blockquote>

Update: I have also reported imagezshak.com to eNom and NameCheap.

3 thoughts on “FAKE Image Gallery

  1. If everyone kept quiet about the scams then they would just keep on scamming.  Thanks for informing us and helping us slow them down!


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