Blogspot Affiliate Spam

Blogspot Affiliate Spam

This type of SPLOG (or Spam Blog) is essentially an category listing created by a spider. It copies images and descriptions straight from the corresponding page, and posts it to the SPLOG, complete with affiliate link.

This particular iteration creates a blogspot account and creates the maximum number of blogs (5), with names appropriate to what they are ‘selling’ (ie. Grinder Accessories, Collectibles, Nancy Drew books, etc.), with a URL that is slightly mangled (ie.…,…, etc.)

If and when you click the links to the items they are peddling, and actually purchase something from, the spammers make money.

Although this is a decent way to make income, keep in mind that the websites mentioned add nothing of value over what you get directly from There are no ‘personal reviews’, no added human commentary to recommend one over another, etc. Please don’t feed the spammers.

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