Pager-Controlled Thermostat Teardown (Work in Progress)

Pager-Controlled Thermostat Teardown (Work in Progress)

After installing a new furnace and thermostat, I was left with an old thermostat that was controllable by the power company to allow them to shut off theĀ A/C remotely during high-load time, and allows users access to set their thermostat online

The Cannon Technologies Inc “ExpressStat” board (Rev M) has:

  • a Renesas H8/3937 non-roaming FLEX decoder, with on-chip 60-kbyte ROM and 2-kbyte RAM,
  • a Ramtron FM24CL64 “F-RAM array” (similar to an EEPROM),
  • an Infrared TX/RX pair,
  • a Texas Instruments TIR1000
  • a pager sub-board, including pager motor and beeper/buzzer, antenna and receiver circuitry
  • an 8-pin header to the thermostat’s mainboard


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