Ogre Logic

Ogre Logic

Quick backgrounder:
Amalendu suggested Danor reinc into an ogre.
Danor asked, “Why?”

Amalendu says in magic, ‘You grunt like an ogre
You say, ‘but i also dook like a ferret.
Amalendu says in magic, ‘…in heat
Urthan imagines Blossom on a hot day.

You say, ‘and hell if I want to be as dumb as raziel
You say, ‘but then again, i’m already the guild crafting bitch
Amalendu exclaims in magic, ‘Woah, I never accused you of that!
Amalendu says in magic, ‘The Raziel part at least
Urthan asks in common, ‘Raziel dumb?
Urthan asks in common, ‘Uhh?
Amalendu asks in magic, ‘Who said Raziel was dumb?
Urthan says in common, ‘Ammy
You hum.
You say, ‘did not!
Amalendu says in magic, ‘I must have missed it. I thought the ammy said he wasn’t as dumb as Raziel
Amalendu says in magic, ‘Which is not the same as saying Raz is dumb
You say, ‘hey!
Urthan says in common, ‘That why me asking
Urthan says in common, ‘No heard he lack smarts
You say, ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d think Ama was calling me dumb too.

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