Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s fat Devet!

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s fat Devet!

You get up from the floor.
You fall flat on your face.
The ground hit your head with destructive force!
Your head has been destroyed!
You have died!

You fall unconscious!
You regain consciousness!
You are a faint bit of ectoplasm in some sort of afterlife.
You can surrender your grasp on life by typing ‘die’.
You can type ‘message

‘ to send a message at a cost of some skill.
You say, ‘ack
Nazir scowls.
You say, ‘dammit, hit my head again!
Ogma points and laughs at you.
Montrose grins.
You cannot do that in this spirit form.
You say, ‘lol
Montrose drops 20 chunks of charcoal.
Montrose says in common, ‘Fat ass
Nazir grunts.
You say, ‘yea yea shut up

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