2×16 Character LCD Display

2×16 Character LCD Display

Built with the PC Starter Kit (“LCD Kit 04”) from the good folks at 411 Technology Systems, it is mounted in a computer case spacer to be mounted in a computer.

You can buy LCDs along with the PC Starter Kit, which includes the parallel port kit and a CD with schematics, code, and other plans and goodies on it (“AN-CD-01”).

You can either purchase from their eBay Store or their Web Store (LCDs | Kits & Other Stuff)

And, they pack everything in baggies, and LCDs are put into ESD bags, and shipped in boxes so things don’t get dropped, crushed, smushed, etc. And yes, I’ve bought from them again and again, and I highly recommend them for LCD stuff.

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  1. LCD Character Display    

    I’ve actually purchased a very similar LCD from 411 but to be honest the schematic provided in the kit is beyond me.  Do you have any extra pics of how yours is wired up that might help out?  Thanks.

    1. I wish I could, but I didn’t have a hot glue gun, so i wrapped everything in electrical tape inside to prevent shorting. It’s kinda messy.

      I’ll see about posting a simplified schematic of how I did it.

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