Inter-Provincial Amateur Radio Network (IPARN)

Inter-Provincial Amateur Radio Network (IPARN)

IPARN Canada (pronounced I-PARN) was a national non-profit organization for Canadian Amateur Radio operators to interconnect local VHF/UHF networks.

[Update: According to’s cache of the IPARN website as of 2007, “IPARN is no more”. The previous website has been taken over by domain squatters. The only link/contact I could find was VE7RJO as of 2007. Updated the link below to the last available legitimate backup]

For related operations, please visit TPARC’s website:, the Internet Radio Linking Project: and Echolink:

One thought on “Inter-Provincial Amateur Radio Network (IPARN)

  1. One of the Telus employees in Penticton informed me that the power to the microwave site on Blackwall Mt. has been permanently removed. In the process, they discovered the Amateur hut for IPARN . I was told that they “entered” it because they had no idea what it contained, nor did they have any contact information.

         Obviously that site will have to be converted to solar or removed from the mountain. I would be really surprised if you didn’t already have knowledge of this, but felt it would be the correct thing to inform you anyway.


                                           VE7RJ     James Lancaster  Summerland

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