DBAs Gone Wild

DBAs Gone Wild

SubWolf: Sounds like Shadyman is knowledgable re v4.0 – v4.1 changes, etc.
hildy: well here was my post. [url removed]
Shadyman: SubWolf: Sadly, yes.
Shadyman: SubWolf: Backwards-compatible they aren’t
nexy: my .sql file is jacked up Rob.. Shady was helping me transfer it to my new database
SubWolf: Very good of him.
Shadyman: im in ur databasez snarfling ur passwordz :laughalone:
hildy: yes very.
nexy: I’m just too stupid to understand
hildy: were you using MT nexy?
SubWolf: Fast solution: Insert into another V4.1 DB, use mysqldump with –compat=mysql40
nexy: wordpress hildy
SubWolf: Did it for Aine’s blog before.
IslandDave: bah, db move is complex, I know I couldn’t do it unless Rob were sitting over my shoulder wanking
hildy: when wordpress goes bad…..
IslandDave: !!!
IslandDave: wanking? :wherk:
IslandDave: watching! :woot:
Shadyman: wanking?? :eep:
Shadyman: damn.
tengrrl: heeee
SubWolf: ROFLMAO :rofl: ROFLMAO :rofl: ROFLMAO :rofl:
MrPilot: ROFLMAO :rofl:
SubWolf: WTMF :bounce:
MrPilot: HAHAHA :smt005
nexy: wha wha whaaat?
hildy: whateverr dave 😉
SubWolf: Whered you get that from? :twitch:
Shadyman: IslandDave, that’s going to have to go on my site, you realize that.:smt024
tengrrl: SubWolf wanking improves everything i’ve found :thumbsup:
IslandDave: I just said something to tiff about wanking, dunno how I did that :scratch:
Shadyman: ahhahaha :smt005
* MrPilot gets Freud on line one
Shadyman: hooboy
tengrrl: i suspect it’s in the quote database already 
SubWolf: It was my turn to spit my drink at the monitor. ;-)
SubWolf: tengrrl: Oh it will be. :winkwink:
Shadyman: tengrrl: Yeah
nexy: lmao:lmao:
hildy: hehe
Shadyman: my IRC log section is notoriously underused.
SubWolf: I’m gonna add it now, notification to avoid dupes. 😡
Shadyman: damn
nexy: Shady.. where Rob mentioned the fast solution (above).. does XYZ have that version?
Shadyman: Nope.
Shadyman: its 4.0
nexy: argh
Shadyman: hee
Shadyman: nexy: You’re almost there, don’t worry
SubWolf:My server is running V4.1
nexy: ohhh

hildy: i’m going to go to the couch and read a book.  at least i’ll understand what i’m reading :-p
nexy: lol hildy
nexy: see ya later :-)
*** hildy is now known as hildy_away.

SubWolf: Hee
SubWolf: If someone gets me the sql, be glad to stick it in and spit it out…. in a manner of speaking.
Shadyman: I won’t say anything.
nexy: LOL
* AdamF[cell] will never look at IslandDave in quite the same light again :boggle:
nexy: lol
Shadyman: hee
tengrrl: AdamF[cell] just wants to “watch” over IslandDave’s shoulder too :raspberry:

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