Dead Souls 2.3a1 Wordy Exit Code

Dead Souls 2.3a1 Wordy Exit Code

This is my update to the /lib/exits.c, /lib/std/room.c and /lib/interactive.c to allow for worded exits in verbose mode, and the usual short exits in brief mode.


  • Verbose:
    • Creators’ Hall
    • Immortals come here to communicate with each other about the world they are building. The Adventurer’s Guild is north. The Arch Room is south. To visit the Dead Souls test and development mud, go west. The test lab facilities are east.
    • There are five obvious exits: west, north, east, south, and up.
  • Brief:
    • Creators’ Hall [n, s, e, w, u]

This code includes my HideExit Modifications:nod:

As usual, please see the license at Dead, this code is not GPL.

Update: Moved one block of code in GenerateVerboseExits() in room.c to allow you to HideExit() enters. (Example: HideExit(“enter office”); )

Update 2: Fixed a problem with grammar by adding (Example: “desc” : “gate leading”) to the SetSide Mapping. If there is no “desc”, it will show “door” in the verbose exits. This was needed to be able to colorize the door based on its open/closed status. Added a modified door.c and door.h for this purpose.

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