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  1. Can we convert MSNTV2 BOX and load linux to run media player and access internet.My goal is to use the same MSNTV2 hardware but use to linux to see IPTV/Internet on my TV.

    1. Yep, you can make the Msntv2 do pretty much anything. Once you flash the BIOS, you’ve got a linux x86 box. 

    1. Nope, but I recall someone saying once that you need to populate the empty spots for capacitors and resistors around it.

  2. Hey Shadyman,
    I remember seeing you on toc2rta forum and IRC channel couple years back.  Nice site you got here!
    Sadly toc2rta looks pretty dead…  It has been that way for months if my memory serves me right.
    Anyway, I finally got around to messing around with video on the MSNTV2 and as I discovered, the picture is out of whack(shifted to one side and a good deal of it is but off on all 4 sides) when viewed on my TV.
    Looks something like this:


    The TV is a recent flatscreen CRT, I know its fine since the picture is fine when my laptop is used as the source.
    Any ideas on how I could adjust the TV OUT?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ack, sorry I took so long responding. Apparently I’m not getting emails for *successful* comment posts, just spam ones. Go figure.

      I have to say I never got into the video stuff much, as I’ve been working mostly with serverboxes. The most I’d be able to suggest is look for a new video driver, or play around in your xorg.conf to try to change the monitor and video card settings.

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